Wileyfox offer a stunning selection of quality-made and feature-packed smartphones for affordable prices. Committed to creating sublime mobile designs that are user-friendly yet powerful and customisable, Wileyfox believe that people pay far too much for mobile phones. We offer value like no other phone company.

Our mobile phones are unique as they combine a great look and feel with an array of innovative and technological attributes. Privacy and safety, as well as user-experience, are top priorities to Wileyfox, so our smartphones are equipped with a range of up-to-date and quality features.

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Swift 2 X

The ultimate in craftsmanship, design and technology, Swift 2 X is the A-lister in our Swift 2 range. Bigger, brighter screen and bigger battery. You want more? You’ve got it with Swift 2 X. Yet without ever compromising on style and now with Android Nougat 7.1.1. What’s not to love?


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Swift 2 Plus

Meet Swift 2 Plus: the same slim, elegant curves and amazing design of Swift 2 but with added extras. For more media and gaming, there’s more storage capacity. For more image quality, there’s more camera technology. Want more from your phone? Choose Plus, now with Android Nougat 7.1.1.


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Swift 2

The award-winning Swift has returned. This time complete with a new look and an impressive techy upgrade. Think beautiful design mixed with the latest materials and hi-tech innovation: you’ll be proud to own it. Swift is back and it’s better than ever, now with Android Nougat 7.1.1.


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Spark X

Spark X is the nifty big brother of our Spark range. Maximum screen and maximum battery power make it a multimedia dream. Be individual, be bold, be even more with Spark X.

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Spark +

Expect the unexpected with Spark +. The same sleek curves, customisation and unique features of Spark – but with a sharper camera and more powerful performance. Step up with Spark +.


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Go wild with Spark. A formidable combination of cool, urban design, enviable good looks, kickass experience and the most evolved and advanced version of Android, powered by Cyanogen. Go on… put a Spark in your life.


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